• We walk in intimacy with Jesus Christ and see our personal relationship with God as  the highest priority in our lives!

  • We reach the lost at any cost!

  • We choose to prioritize the lost over the saved.  Healthy saved people rejoice in serving the lost!  The sick need a doctor more than the healthy, so it is up to us to guide them to HIM

  • We find ways to show extraordinary love to one another , our community, and the world.

  • We will not be dominated by rules or legalism, but by love and grace!
    Examples: Clothes, dance, etc. 

  • Life changing transformation happens best in relational ministries.
    (TEAMS, small groups, table groups, etc.).  Note:  We do not believe small groups are the only way to do this, but their key components are essential even if other formats are used 

  • God loves us exactly as we are, but He also loves us too much to leave us that way.  We give people room to grow.  Examples: smoking, living together, giving, drinking, etc. 

  • Cultural relevancy and diversity is mandatory.
    We meet people where they are: clothes, music, facility, technology, etc.

  • Caring about God leads to doing our best for God! 
    This is a theological and practical value.  Biblically, it is commanded. 

  • Understanding God leads to celebrating God! 
    We are a celebration oriented church.  We celebrate the good things God is doing in announcements, music, preaching, and our fellowship.

  • Loving God leads to “radical prayer!”
    Examples: Multiple weekly prayer times, 24-hour prayer vigils, and many other prayer options! 

  • Trusting God leads to “radical faith!”  Faith takes priority over finances or the safe route. We would rather fail falling forward, than succeed at doing nothing.

  • For every God action, there is a devil reaction. 
    We believe spiritual warfare is real and the way to fight it is on our knees. 

  • Showing God's love means demonstrating a generous spirit. 
    Examples: Compassion ministries are stressed; we try to meet all benevolent requests that are legitimate.

  • We do things for the right reasons regardless of outcome. 
    We do not give status to those with or without finances, status, etc.  We do not allow people to hold the church (God) hostage.

  • Without vision, the people perish. 
    We require strong vision and competency from our leaders.  Our fruit should include growth, spiritual maturity, talents, gifts, many converts!  Each leader must be able to articulate our vision and how their vision for their ministry fits our vision. 

  • Micro-management leads to poor management. 
    We encourage an atmosphere of trust. Small groups are given significant decision making power. 

  • You can't lead until you are willing to risk losing.  “We Play to Win Souls!!!”, not to avoid losing.